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looking younger July 8, 2010

I am renovating my kitchen.  It has not been easy.  My home is 30 years old and is beginning to show it’s age. Crooked walls, bumpy floors…very much like my future body.  I can’t help but feel sympathetic and kind.  I have gently pulled down wallpaper and washed the walls.  A new coat of makeup in the form of fresh paint has been applied.  A new floor adds support and some glam just like a new pair of shoes.  Such a fine aging lady my kitchen is but she no longer looks her age.  She is now sporting a fresh young look and gives me some hope.  I almost want to cook but I believe I will lay down until that feeling passes.

Wall paper that was original to the house      This wall paper we put up in the 90s.

Flooring that will be replaced.

New tile selection. Tile layout

The installation!   Floors next to old cabinets

Now grouted! New baseboards! Yeah.

The new paint color on the walls! Looks so much better…and now to add the finishing touches to the drapery and reface those cabinets! Good-bye 80s and 90s…HELLO new world!

Don’t be afraid or timid when renovating.  It may be hard work but so worth it in the end.  A new look will do wonders for your morale and spirit…once you recover from the work and experience.


home renovation is not for the timid June 14, 2010

Sometimes watching those TV renovation shows stimulates my creative side to go forth, so when I heard that we need to update our homes every 5 years I thought that was ridiculous. Do they think home owners have a money tree in the back?  But when I looked around my home I realized it has been at least 20 years since I updated my kitchen!  I decided to go for it in what, at the time, would be a small step.  The plan: take down the wallpaper, paint the walls in a light contemporary shade of green and place down a new stick and peel floor that looks remarkably like real tile.  It even comes with grout!  Not too difficult….until…

I started stripping the wall paper.  I did repaper about 20 years ago.  I had a professional do it, so, since the first paper was also put on by a pro, it was easy just to apply the new over the old.  Actually, all the paper is coming off rather easily.  Now to the problem.  About 25 years ago we had all of our plumbing replaced related to plastic plumbing that was recalled.  (we bought the home new 5 years earlier).  When I reached the wall that was opened to refit the pipes I found MOLD under the outer layer.  Not only that, the drywall has a huge gap and the tape and, I guess plaster, is falling off.  It now appears as if I need to hire a pro to replace my moldy drywall!!

As Forrest Gump said: “life is like a box of chocolate.  You never know what you’re going to get”.  The same is true for home renovation, even a simple project can turn ugly.  Like I said, home renovation is not for the timid.


vegas baby! May 24, 2010

Last week I traveled to Vegas to attend the hospitality design convention.  I went with my daughter.   Neither of us had attended before so I didn’t know what to expect.  I had a great time wandering up and down the aisles.  My style is more traditional as compared to the contemporary designs my daughter prefers.  But I must admit, for hospitality decor I believe I do prefer the sleek look of contemporary.  The clean lines lend themselves to many more settings.

The fabrics were rich and colorful.  I was very attracted to the variety of greens.  There were many prints and patterns that lend themselves to a more traditional look.  What a great way to blend two styles together, traditional fabrics and contemporary lines.

(a showcase feature on the show floor)

I must admit though, my favorite thing was the carpeting.  The one thing I love to do in Vegas is going into the casinos and checking out the carpeting.  Harrah’s is fun with many carnival colors.  Each casino’s theme is played out in the carpet.  I would love to design the carpet!!  If you ever get the chance check out the carpets in the many casinos.


Tiles April 22, 2010

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I just returned from Portugal and I was consumed by the use of tiles as artwork. The tiles were used throughout the country. These were used on walls, building, seating, etc. The color that seemed to be used the most was blue, hues and shades alike. What a wonderful way to add the art in our lives.


New to Blogging April 5, 2010

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I am new to the blog world. My daughter has been blogging for some time now and wanted me to gt involved with her design blog. So, here I am. This may take me some time to learn the in’s and out’s of wordpress, but I am ready. Look for my contributions to IntoDesignInc.


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!